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About API Management


In LinkApi, you can create projects where you can expose entire Automation flows or Component Resource through HTTPs.

In the Builder menu, select APIs and create a new project. Setup a project name, the Dependencies and a URL (a unique ID for your API inside LinkApi). It'll be displayed as The moment your project is created, the Code Builder initializes.

Project Directory

In your project directory, there's a handful of artifacts that will help you build your API.

  • Automations will encapsule your main coding.
  • Custom middlewares are chunks of code added to the request pipeline. They'll customize the input and output of information (querystring, headers, url, traces).
  • Data-Transformation is a simple JS file where you normalize your payloads into a single code. Get more info about Data-Transformations.
  • Setup API Resources to expose your project or components. Get more info about API Resources.

About API Management

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