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How to create a ticket inside LinkApi

Looking for improvements in every step of our experience, we have updated the experience on how to create and follow up tickets in partnership with Atlassian. This article will show the step-by-step on how to create tickets inside LinkApi.



Create tickets to get help only with LinkApi features and pages. If you need help with other APIs, authentication and connections, we recommend contacting directly the desired company.

First of all, click on the Get help menu and go to Tickets. You'll be redirected to our ticket solution, which can be accessed via this link as well. You'll see a login screen like this one:

First, validate if your email is already registered. If not, click to create a new account. Try using the same login as your LinkApi account for a better experience. When creating a new account you'll receive a new e-mail with the confirmation link.

When you login you should be able to see this screen:

Here is where you can create tickets. You can choose the category from Suggestion, Report an error and request for Technical Support. Choose either one and start describing your ticket.

Fill the fields above with the information you need help with. Make sure to be clear and direct in the subject and describing your problem. You can also upload print screens to help. Just hit send when you're ready.

Clicking on requests on the upper right menu, you can follow up on any tickets that were created, getting info about the status and answers by our team.


We hope you liked our new tickets!

Have any feedback or suggestions? Why don't you try creating a ticket with your submission? ;)

Updated 8 months ago

How to create a ticket inside LinkApi

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