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API Resources

Select the endpoints you will expose in your API. If you don't have any API Resource, this is be shown in your directory:

This is where you'll select and create the endpoints you'll expose. Click on Create or Manage to start editing. A very similar screen to Component Resource's one will appear, where you'll define endpoints and its methods.

Input the endpoint name, select its methods and click Add Resource. Repeat this process for every endpoint. Click on the ⚙ Cog icon for additional configuration. This configuration is very similar to the Component Resource, so we recommend checking this article for more details. The different detail at the API building is the Config tab, which we'll explain next:

On this step, you'll select which artifact will be attached when the end user calls for this endpoint. You can select:

  • Automation: Select an Automation from the same project.
  • Component: Select a Component and its Resource from your Dependencies.

In this example, when the user requests: GET the Automation or the selected Resource will run and return what you configured.

As any Resource inside LinkApi, you can test, set request and response, or edit them anytime. Click Save when you're done.

Remember you need to Commit and Publish your project for these Resources to run.

API Resources

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