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Data Sync

This step by step will show you how an integration flow of a data synchronization from an external application to LinkApi's platform is, and how to send this data to a MongoDB's application inside our platform.

On our example, the main goal is making queries for products registered in MongoDB.

You can learn how to build a MongoDB application in our platform with our BI use case, we'll add a new resource to it, named products. To add it, just go to "Add resource" and specify its settings. For this example, we'll use all of the available methods (get, post, put and delete)

Having the resource added, we'll create a new project. Go to Builder > Projects > New Project and start the configuring. In this project, we'll only use the MongoDB app, so you should select it and proceed to the next step.

Now the project is created, we have to set our first automation, which we'll name products.js and change the data parameter to products.

    1. Copy the parallel function snippet from the snippets menu, on the upper left.
    1. On our example, we are aiming at receiving products information, so we can change collection to products on the pasted snippet.
    1. In order to send information to our database, we'll need to post them in MongoDB. To do it, select this function within the application menu (lower left) and paste it on the indicated area (Do your logic here).
    1. As long as we need the view of the items, we have to indicate it in body:

Having it done, we can commit and publish this project and proceed to the creation of the triggers.

On the triggers menu, select New Trigger, select the matching automation and choose the HTTP type of trigger. Note that when we use HTTP triggers, there is a button to copy its endpoint right by the status. This endpoint, an URL, can be useful to test it on Postman, for instance..

Data Sync

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